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Headlight Adjustment & Alignment

When aligning and focusing your headlamps, make sure you have an empty car standing on a level surface in front of a wall or screen 25 feet from the front of the headlamps.  This is best when the area is in semi-darkness or shaded so the light spots can be easily seen. To begin, turn […]

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The Basics In Engine Facts

THE BASICS IN ENGINE FACTS TORQUE SPECS:   Main Bearings Rod Bearings  Flywheel to Crankshaft Cylinder Head Nuts Pressure Plate Bolts 80 ft. lbs. 40 ft. lbs. 65 ft. lbs. 55 ft. lbs. 8 ft. lbs. CLEARANCES:   Crankshaft end play  Main bearing  Rod bearing Piston Piston pin Piston pin side Piston ring end Camshaft […]

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