Addressing A Few Issues

We have updated the member’s database for 2013.  If your dues are not current for the year, your access to the “Members Only” section of the website has been terminated.

Some have inquired why you don’t receive an email when the latest issue of the “A” Quail Call is available online.  Penn-Ohio does not have a database of your email address’ and we have tried to make it easy to see that when there is a new addition of the “A” Quail Call, the title will appear at the bottom left section of the Home page, under “Recent Additions”.  We have also placed a printing schedule for the “A” Quail Call on a News Item titled, “Wondering When the Next “A” Quail Call will be available?”  Finally, we have recently set up an email notice that will be sent to each Penn-Ohio Chapter’s email address so that each Chapter President will receive notice when the latest issue is placed online.  Each Chapter President can send out notices to their chapter members if they choose.

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