Model A Driving Rules


     Steering should have minimum to no play.

     Brakes should bottom out before reaching floorboards.

     Wheels should lock up under hard braking.

     Gasoline leaks – NONE.

     Wheels should be tight & tires should pass visual inspection for tread & excessive cracking.

     Lights should all function as well as the horn should be operable.

     Fire extinguisher should be easily accessible and in good working order.

     Safety glass should be in all glass windows.

     You should be carrying proof of insurance at all times.

• It should be noted that these guidelines are common sense safety items and if your Model A is in road ready condition, it should have little trouble for the upcoming driving season.


     The person(s) leading the group are responsible for everything as there is only one leader.

     Be sure everyone is aware of departure times and location(s).

     Have an established route mapped (1 for each vehicle).

     Select rest stops for long tours.

     Determine your ETA of all stops and final destination.

     YOU set the pace for the travel.



     Proper spacing: 2 times mph in YARDS (45 mph = 90 yards, almost a football field).

     Always keep an eye on the vehicle in your rear view mirror!

     Pull over if possible to let others pass, if a large parade causes traffic problems.

     When pulling over, make sure ALL cars are pulled off of the roadway and that they allow the lead car visibility to see to the rear of group and oncoming traffic.

     If possible, rear vehicle should advise traffic of the slower moving vehicles ahead.

     Working CB radios are encouraged to alert others of any problems or situations.

     Keep radio traffic limited when there is traffic or problem reporting to be made.

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