Light Switch Silencer

Three views showing the shape of the “silencer”.

The parts books show that in mid-1930 Ford introduced a small brass bushing, “A-3529 Steering gear lighting switch tube silencer”.  The bushing may have been used earlier (it was certainly needed) and overlooked in the parts lists.  It was formed from .006″ thick brass stock.  Listed as 29-31, it may have been intended for the Gemmer steering box only but probably well suited to the Ford steering box as well.

 The silencer installed in the top of a steering shaft.

The switch tube measures approximately .370″ in diameter.  The hollow center of the Gemmer steering shaft measures approximately .387″. That leaves over 1/64″ for the switch tube to rattle!  The compound shape of the “silencer” resulted in a springy, resilient bushing.  The lower edge was rolled inward to center the switch rod with minimal pressure.  The flange at the top functioned as somewhat of a thrust washer for the spring loaded switch tube assembly.  With all original parts it not only eliminates the rattle, but actually reduces binding of the switch tube.  If you have a replacement switch tube you will need to be sure there are no burrs or other problems at the top of the tube.

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