Convoy Factor

When travelling in a Model A convoy here is the least understood rule of the road.  When you have 6 cars lined up at a stop sign, the first car takes off and then 5 seconds later the second car takes off.  Remember car #6?  He is still sitting at the sign!  Five seconds later car 3 takes off and 5 seconds after that #4 takes off.  Remember car #6…he’s still stopped at the sign!  Now it’s been 5 second and car 5 takes off.  Once car #5 departs the sign and car #6 stops and then proceeds, the time between the lead car and the back door is not 5 seconds.  It’s almost 30 seconds!  The time difference is cumulative.  It’s kind of like cracking the whip.  If the lead car goes 30 MPH, the distance between car #1 and car #6 is now about ¼ mile.  If car #6 goes 60 MPH, it would take 30 seconds to make up the difference.  Meanwhile, car #1 has gone another ¼ mile or a total of ½ mile.  Car #1 can’t understand why car #6 is so far behind and car #6 can’t understand why car #1 doesn’t slow down.

Now add to the problem…if you should increase your convoy size to 10 or 12 model A’s in one caravan or if you add some traffic, throw in a red light, maybe a light rain, have a few newcomers to convoying and now you have the Convoy Factor times 3.  This is when tempers can flare!  Be considerate to your other convoy members and pay attention to the movement of your group.

This tech tip was provided by Neil Heiss and was printed in the September 1993 “A” Quail Call.

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