Increasing fuel efficiency

The Model “A” is not the most fuel efficient car around. I plan my mileage about 1/2 obtained with my aging Caprice. The mixture rod assists in getting maximum mileage by leaning until rough, then backing off until smooth.

All carburetor airplanes use an identical system as the “A”, which is very effective. Modern piston engine airplanes, however add an exhaust gas temperature gauge, leaning to the maximum temperature about 1350 degrees F.

I have these in my “A’s”. Installation is simple and the cost is almost zilch. Remove one of the studs, clamping the intake manifold to exhaust. Take a new stud, drill a .060 hole lengthwise to accommodate a short length of iron and Constantine industrial thermocouple wire, twist together and braze the tip. When hot, this will produce voltage of less than 1 volt at 1350 degrees. I use a calibrated instrument with 2000 degree range for a read out. Any 1 volt gauge will work your concern is only the maximum temperature with a smooth engine.

Minor elevation changes will show a large difference in temperature. Adjust frequently for maximum temperature and you’ll have good reason to look smug and brag when you and your buddies gas up.

This tech tip was supplied by Pete Amsler and printed in the June 1997 “A” Quail Call.

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