Model “A” Wheels

All Model “A” wheels have the same bolt pattern. All hubs have the matching stud pattern. Unfortunately, it may be disastrous if you install the early 1928 AR wheels on later hubs or the later 21” or 19” wheels on the early AR hubs. Check page 328 of your Model A Service Bulletins. This book is a must for “A” drivers. When pulling wheels, check the area of the drum at the very base of the studs carefully for evidence the wheel nut has bottomed out on the drum. It is has, the hole is worn and elongated. Tight nuts do NOT insure the wheel is secured! The shell should bottom out on the drum at the outer diameter, not at the stud. Find a good wheel, or install a set of Snyder’s wheel nut washers.

This tech tip was supplied by Pete Amsler and printed in the May 1998 “A” Quail Call.

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