Rain Gutters

If you are fortunate enough to at some point in your life to restore as “A” Sedan with rain gutters, you may have to rely on replacement or reproduction rain gutters. Sadly, the later was my dilemma as I be­gan work on my recently acquired 1929 Murray Town Sedan. A quick trip to Snyder’s and I had alumi­num repro two-piece rain gutters. The backing piece is secured by hundreds of nails into the roof (with the repro, you get to drill all the holes), and the actual gutter piece should snap in place.

The immediate problem was how to bend the rain gutter assembly (you need to bend both pieces at the same time) to fit the downward curve above the rear quarter windows. After much manual effort, I stumbled (literally) across the solution. In the bowels of my tool shed was a 1/2” electrical conduit bender (some call a “hickey”). This little jewel made the job so easy, I had to share it with the world! The accompanying photograph shows the before and after. The gutters come in 10’ lengths. The fin­ished gutter is approximately 6’ long, so you have some material to “test bend” and get up your nerve. GOOD LUCK!

HINT: I could not get the two halves to go together at all. I had to draw file the length of the backing material to get it to mate with the gutter.

This tech tip was supplied by Von Wolfe and printed in the September 1999 “A” Quail Call.

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