Tips for Winter Storage

Anti-freeze:  Drain the water from the radiator and close the petcock.  Add the manufacturer’s recommended amount of anti-freeze.  Fill the radiator to the top with water and run the engine long enough to mix the water with the anti-freeze.  Leave this mixture in the radiator for the entire winter to avoid corrosion.

Battery:  If a battery is unused for a long period (more than three months), an occasional charge will keep the battery alert.  If you remove the battery from the car, clean and store the batter in a dark dry place.  Never place a battery on cement or steel surface.  Instead place it on a wood surface.

Brake:  The brake should be in a relaxed (off) position.

Cleaning:  The car should be cleaned thoroughly.  Place moth balls in the pleats and pockets of the interior and spray all cloth covered areas with moth repellent.

Covers:  A breathable cover over your Model A will keep the buildup of dirt and dust to a minimum.  Do not use a rubberized cover as it will increase the level of condensation and further erode your paint finish.

Polished items:  Coat all plated items with a thin layer of Vaseline to protect polished metals from corroding.

Transmission:  The transmission should be left in the neutral position.

Ventilate:  Leave a window open about ¼” to prevent a buildup of condensation in the vehicle.

Wheels:  Jack up the vehicle so that the wheels turn easily, and place a piece of wood under the axle.  This prevents dry rotting to occur on the portion of the tire resting on the concrete floor.

This tech tip was originally printed in the October 2000 “A” Quail Call.

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