List of Onboard Necessities

Here is a list of suggested items that should be carried in your “A” at all times.  Chances are you will never need them, but you might be glad to have them on hand if necessary.

Electrical tape, cotter pins and lock washers, assorted nuts and bolts, front wheel bearing, valve cores, valve caps, wiper blade, starter drive, starter switch, flares, fine sandpaper, clean rags, magnet, candle, solder wire, repair kit for punctures, engine oil, timing gear, flashlight, bailing wire, headlight and taillight bulbs, radiator hoses, extra water, grease and grease gun, inner tubes, ammeter, coil, carburetor gaskets, distributor, points, “A” crank, wrench, jack, modern tools, cutouts, condenser, spark plugs, air pump, water pump, head gasket, fan, fan belt, radiator cap, gas cap, “Permatex”, insulated wire, tow rope and plastigauge.

This tech tip was originally printed in the May 2000 “A” Quail Call.

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