Brake Adjustment

When walking in parking lots, we look at a lot of A’s.  One thing I notice is the front actuating arms on the brakes.  Too often they are straight up or even leaned back a little.  This means there are no front brakes because the travel is gone.

I was taught to have a 15 degree forward lean so you have travel.  It’s an easy fix.  You can insert brake pills: one, two or even three if necessary.  Balance them top and bottom.  Once done, you will notice a difference.

Another good brake trick is to balance your brake rods to length.  You will need to disconnect all service brake rods where the adjustment is made.  Front at the wheels and back at the cross shaft.  Place pin in clevis one at a time and adjust until pin snaps over brake arm.  Always be sure that all are loose as you do all four, one at a time.  Then you will see that balance is achieved.


This article was printed in the October 2007 issue of the “A” Quail Call by AJ Pennington.

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