Homemade 600W Gear Lube

The heart of any gear system is the lubrication, and thanks to Gary Stroebel of the Shade Tree A’s Model “A” Ford Club, we have THE secret recipe from the Horseless Carriage Gazette, July/August 1985.  Attention Wives:  Do Not Read This!   This recipe will yield 6 pounds of the best old gear lube in the country and is ideal for those old-style gear boxes.

Take 5 pounds of 90W gear lube (between 2-3 quarts), 1 pound heavy long fibered wheel bearing grease (not the new lightweight, high temperature stuff), and 1 can of STP motor oil treatment.

Pour and/or scoop the above ingredients into a container 4-6” deep.  Then take your wife’s multi-speed electric hand mixer and mix for 15-20 minutes.  The reason for using this type of mixer is that the two beaters will pull the material into and through the beater blades, dissolving the wheel bearing grease into the mix of 90W oil and the STP.

The resulting mixture closely approximates the old 600W of gear lube.  This is an excellent, quiet running, gear lube.  As a word of caution, the borrowing of the mixer is best done when the wife is not at home.  In the author’s case, he now has his own “private” mixer since some of the “good old gear lube” got up the mixer stems into the motor housing and then oozed back down the stems into the whipped potatoes!

Note:  Another school thinks this is a good mixture for leaky transmissions with simple bearings.  However, too stiff a lubricant will fail to penetrate long sleeve bearings, as found in some planetary transmissions.

This article was printed in the September 2006 issue of the “A” Quail Call by George Allison.

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