Installing A Kill Switch

A twenty dollar item that can be a good safety device as well as a convenient tool is the kill switch.  Due to the battery being under the floor, you are limited to the type of disconnect that can be used.  The battery post type is not practical because you would have to fold back the mat and remove the cover plate to get to it.

The best one is the snap lock type that can be mounted above the starter or inside your A.  If you have a Coupe or Roadster, it’s easy to mount inside your seat riser.  Take the ground from the battery to the switch and from the switch to the ground.  Sedans take some imagination to install inside the interior, but it is most convenient there.

The simplest install is to buy the bracket from Snyder’s or other providers that mounts above the starter.  Take the battery cable off the starter and move it to the switch, then use a short cable from the switch to the starter.  You have to open the hood to access the switch but it’s an easy install.

If you ever had your starter stick, you can appreciate this switch.  Also, you will no longer have to remove the fuse.  You will just snap the switch.

When purchasing the necessary items for this task, you will need a disconnect switch, bracket and cable.  All three items should be available from your Model A vendor of choice.

This article was printed in the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of the “A” Quail Call by AJ Pennington.

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