Outdated Ford Model Manual Info

The following items are outdated in the Model “A” manuals.

Tire pressure-Since materials and manufacturing methods have improved, the recommended 35 lbs. of pressure is about 10 lbs. too high.  Trying 25 lbs. maximum of air will improve handling, ride and reduce shimmy.

Oil change-Manufacture recommendation is RIGHT on.  Manual choking dilutes oil.  The cars operating temperature is much too low to vaporize and dissipate gasoline contaminating the oil.

If you do not use air and oil filters, use non-detergent oil.  Modern detergent oils are designed to retain the dirt, which modern lube systems constantly filter out.  Non-detergent oils allow dirt particles to separate from the oil and accumulate in the oil pan.

The recommended point gap setting of .018 to .022 is too much.  Normal travel is about .025, full open to close.  If the distributor wear is normal, the points may not close all of the time.  A setting of .015 is sufficient to produce normal dwell time.

The recommended generator charging rate of 6 amps is right on.  This is not sufficient for night driving.  If you plan on doing night driving, go to an alternator 6 or 12 volts.  An alternator will automatically adjust the output to maintain top battery voltage.

This tech tip was originally provided by Pete Amsler and printed in the Jan/Feb. 2000 “A” Quail Call.

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