Steering Gear Column

On the two tooth sector steering gear, the column is adjustable for the spark and throttle rod control arm. Many times I have heard and read articles on bending these small fragile arms. If your control linkage rod seems too short or long, loosen the bolt on the collar located towards the bottom of the steering column. Now you can rotate the column in either direction as needed to change the linage, so the spark advance and retard is in the range of the distributor body slot. Make sure this slot has not been altered. This is very important on the timing of your “A”. If adjusted properly, the distributor arm will move the full width of the slot, with no bend or work freely. NOTE: The seven tooth sector is not adjustable. This is why the idea of bending is necessary, but has been carried on to the two tooth sector.

This tech tip was originally provided by Bob McBride and printed in the August 2000 “A” Quail Call.

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