Jumping Gear

If you have a Model A that jumps time, check the distributor/oil pump gear.  The later models gears were pressed on the shaft and could slip. This tech tip was provided by John Walliser and was printed in the Jan./Feb. 1987 “A” Quail Call.

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Seatbelts For Your Model A

Whether we drive the highways or back roads of our areas, we all take the risk of being involved in a vehicle accident.  We know that we cannot control the actions of other drivers that might be speeding, texting or distracted in other ways.  If you are one to not use seat belts in your […]

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Convoy Factor

When travelling in a Model A convoy here is the least understood rule of the road.  When you have 6 cars lined up at a stop sign, the first car takes off and then 5 seconds later the second car takes off.  Remember car #6?  He is still sitting at the sign!  Five seconds later […]

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Model A Condenser and Cutout

This story only pertains to those Model A owners that have chosen to run on a generator.  First, if possible, choose a generator cutout made so that the cover is not welded to the base.  Your favorite Model A vendor should have such a unit. Some of you may know how these “critters” work, but […]

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Discharging AMP Meter

During a restoration of a 1931 Panel Delivery, a situation arose that stumped Dick and his chapter members at the time, as they tried in vain to solve the problem of a discharging AMP meter.  After installing a new generator, a cutout, polarizing it and recharging his battery, none of which helped.  What was the […]

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Preparing for Tour

Spare Parts, Materials & Tools Points (2 sets)                                                                         Socket Set – 3/8” Drive Condensers (2)                                                                       Grease Gun Rotor (1)                                                                                   Torque Wrench Fan Belt (1)                                                                               1/2 to 3/8 Drive Adapter Water Pump (1 rebuilt)                                                       Drag Link Socket Water Pump Packing (2 rings)                                         Valve Spring Compressor Ignition Coil (Tested good)                                               Gasket Scraper (Putty Knife) Spark Plugs (1)                                                                        Pocket Knife Light Bulbs (1 of […]

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Light Switch Silencer

Three views showing the shape of the “silencer”. The parts books show that in mid-1930 Ford introduced a small brass bushing, “A-3529 Steering gear lighting switch tube silencer”.  The bushing may have been used earlier (it was certainly needed) and overlooked in the parts lists.  It was formed from .006″ thick brass stock.  Listed as […]

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Model A Driving Rules

1) BE SURE YOUR VEHICLE IS SAFE      Steering should have minimum to no play.      Brakes should bottom out before reaching floorboards.      Wheels should lock up under hard braking.      Gasoline leaks – NONE.      Wheels should be tight & tires should pass visual inspection for tread & excessive cracking.      Lights should all function as […]

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Door Alignment for a Closed Car

The primary adjustment when shimming the body is at the cowl. Closed cars shift like a parallelogram as illustrated by the red line. Tilting the cowl by changing the shims below it raises or lowers the doors and changes the square of the body. OBJECTIVE Our primary objective here is the final adjustment of the […]

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Model A Front Wheel Alignment

The following images and information are taken from the Ford Service Bulletins. Bulletins were sent to the Ford dealerships on a monthly basis.  Each contained eight to sixteen pages of service procedures, component changes, etc.  The original bulletins were 8-1/2″x 11″ pages.  The front page each month usually contained an image suggesting windows displays or […]

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