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Door Alignment for a Closed Car

The primary adjustment when shimming the body is at the cowl. Closed cars shift like a parallelogram as illustrated by the red line. Tilting the cowl by changing the shims below it raises or lowers the doors and changes the square of the body. OBJECTIVE Our primary objective here is the final adjustment of the […]

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Installation of Leather Hood Corners

The earliest hoods had no hood corners.  From December 1927 through the end of production, Ford used a black leather hood corner on the rear corners of the hood only.  They were triangular in shape with a sewn seam at the back and installed with a tubular enamel rivet.  Rubber corners are not correct.  When […]

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Rain Gutters

If you are fortunate enough to at some point in your life to restore as “A” Sedan with rain gutters, you may have to rely on replacement or reproduction rain gutters. Sadly, the later was my dilemma as I be­gan work on my recently acquired 1929 Murray Town Sedan. A quick trip to Snyder’s and […]

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