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Steering Gear Column

On the two tooth sector steering gear, the column is adjustable for the spark and throttle rod control arm. Many times I have heard and read articles on bending these small fragile arms. If your control linkage rod seems too short or long, loosen the bolt on the collar located towards the bottom of the […]

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Model A Clutch

Clutch Lining – Grease on the clutch lining is almost impossible to get out, there really isn’t a good cleaner available to remove it.  If grease becomes badly embedded, it is most advisable to replace the lining  A short term, emergency cure is to plug the opening in the bottom of the housing and pour […]

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Vapor Lock

When hot weather sets in, a lot of A’s can experience vapor lock.  Especially when pulling away from a stop.  It is annoying to say the least. Some have resorted to clipping on clothes pins the entire length of the gas line, or rubber hoses as insulators for a solution.  This sometimes helps a little.  […]

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High Speed Gears or Overdrive

You might ask high speed gears or overdrive?  Both are a good way for engine relief and less stressful driving on your Model A.  Most A drivers are not interested in driving faster but in dropping engine rpm for less wear and less noise for more enjoyable cruising speeds.  Before going this route, it must […]

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Checking Oil In Your Crankcase

When checking for oil in your crankcase, use a 3/32 drill or punch and measure from the tip of your oil dip stick up ¾” and then punch or drill a hole.  This hole or mark will indicate there are 3 quarts of oil in the pan.  Measure 1 1/8” from the first hole and […]

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Timing Your “A”

What is good timing?  How much advance should be used?  How can I tell if it’s right?  Questions we all hear. Most old timers and some motor heads can tell by listening to the idle how well a car is timed.  But the best way is with timing light.  Nu-Rex makes a very simple unit […]

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