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Battery Efficiency

A battery has 100% of rated capacity at 80 degrees F.  At 0 degrees F, the same battery has only 40% of the capacity (Amp Hours) it had at 80 degrees.  At 40 degrees, the starter requires over two times as much energy to turn the engine over as it did at 80 degrees. This […]

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Plating vs. Painting Model A Parts

To plate or not to plate, that is the question. Every restoration requires that choices be made.  Do you save money and paint that originally plated part, or should you spend for a repro?  Or you could really spend and have that original part plated?  Hey!  It’s your car.  This article hopefully will give you […]

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Outdated Ford Model Manual Info

The following items are outdated in the Model “A” manuals. Tire pressure-Since materials and manufacturing methods have improved, the recommended 35 lbs. of pressure is about 10 lbs. too high.  Trying 25 lbs. maximum of air will improve handling, ride and reduce shimmy. Oil change-Manufacture recommendation is RIGHT on.  Manual choking dilutes oil.  The cars […]

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Pinhole Leak In Radiator Pipe

On the lower radiator pipe, look out for corrosion just in front of or just in back of the petcock.  For one reason or another, this seems to be a favorite place to develop a water leak.  It starts as a pinhole and then turns into something larger.  This was found out when a club […]

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Homemade 600W Gear Lube

The heart of any gear system is the lubrication, and thanks to Gary Stroebel of the Shade Tree A’s Model “A” Ford Club, we have THE secret recipe from the Horseless Carriage Gazette, July/August 1985.  Attention Wives:  Do Not Read This!   This recipe will yield 6 pounds of the best old gear lube in the […]

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Installing an Invisible Radio

Over the years and over thousands of miles, Katherine and I fantasized as to what it must be like to tour in style.  When it was cold or rainy, we would gaze longingly at our friends on tour in their cozy sedans.  Some even had a stereo to listen to!  Snug and dry!  To be […]

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Improving MPG

If you are humbled when your “A” buddies brag about getting >20 MPG, chin up as 10/15 MPG is about average or about ½ the average of your daily driver.  If you are getting less than 10 MPG here are several options: OPTION 1 – Lie about it!  This is very effective if you seldom […]

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List of Onboard Necessities

Here is a list of suggested items that should be carried in your “A” at all times.  Chances are you will never need them, but you might be glad to have them on hand if necessary. Electrical tape, cotter pins and lock washers, assorted nuts and bolts, front wheel bearing, valve cores, valve caps, wiper […]

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Sights, Sounds and Symptoms

If you hear TAPPING, it could be: – Incorrectly set valve tappets – Camshaft bore too large (camshaft too worn) If you have Vibration in the engine, check: – Engine not balanced before reassembly – Flywheel or other “moving” components changed after balancing – Balanced components not assembled as balanced – Components not balanced together […]

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Tips for Winter Storage

Anti-freeze:  Drain the water from the radiator and close the petcock.  Add the manufacturer’s recommended amount of anti-freeze.  Fill the radiator to the top with water and run the engine long enough to mix the water with the anti-freeze.  Leave this mixture in the radiator for the entire winter to avoid corrosion. Battery:  If a […]

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