Safely Hand Cranking A Model “A”

Always grip the crank with the thumb wrapped below with the fingers. NEVER push the crank down the right side of the rotation! Starting a Model A with the hand crankwas once as common as driving one.  It seems hand cranking has become nearly a lost art over the decades.  Following a few basic rules, […]

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Driveway Degreaser

A very effective and economical driveway degreaser is ordinary laundry spot degreaser, such as SPRAY ‘N WASH or SHOUT.  Spray it on the wet oil spot.  After waiting about 30 seconds wash it off with water.  For touch stains, brush the detergent into the spot and then hose it off.

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Model A Fan Airflow

There has been a lot of discussion about which is the best fan to keep that Model-A temperature the coolest. Is the original 2-blade metal fan, the later 4-blade metal fan, or the aftermarket 6-blade plastic fan the best? For this test a sophisticated instrument was used to measure the air speed in MPH (Miles […]

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Is A Thermostat Needed?

That is a question that has been kicked around the garage for some time now.  The early thoughts were that a thermostat was needed to slow the water flow in the radiator.  Extensive tests have shown that changes in the rate of water flow through the radiator results in negligible change in water temperature.  A […]

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Cleaning Dirty Spark Plugs

When the spark plugs are dirty, they demand a really good cleaning.  You can take care of the job yourself by buying a bottle of household ammonia.  Simply soak the plugs and they will emerge cleaner than sand blasted ones.  The ammonia loosens the deposits and floats them away.

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Ignition Coil Connections

The ignition coil does not change the direction of current flow hence it does not change polarity.  However, there are more coils in the secondary winding inside of the coil, thus there is more resistance to incoming current flow at the secondary winding terminal, so the coil’s high voltage output to the spark plugs will be less if the […]

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Front End Shimmy

Will a loose ball in the front wishbone at the transmission cause a shimmy?  Yes, this could be one of the issues causing a car to shimmy.  A loose ball in the front wishbone can be one of the causes of front shimmy.  The front end caster (5 degrees) is dependent on the exact position […]

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Model A Lubrication Chart

EVERY 500 MILES     Location Quantity Grease Fitting Grease Gun     1.     Upper Spindle Arm (Left Side/Right Side) 2 4 2.     Lower Spindle Arm (Left Side/Right Side) 2 5 3.     Brake Actuator Arm (Front Axle-L/R Side) 2 5 4.     Shock Link (Front/Rear-L/R Side) 4 2 5.     Spring Shackle (Front-L/R Side) 2 5 6.     […]

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Two-Tooth Steering Column

One day while I was at Snyder’s Antique Auto Parts, a fellow asked me how hard it was to adjust the steering box.  It seems he was rebuilding a two-tooth box.  I told him, “There’s nothing to it.  Just follow the directions in the Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook.”  This brought laughs from those in […]

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Ford Model A Paint Codes

This chart was originally printed in the August 2002 “A” Quail Call.

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