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Acceptable Owner’s Manual

As previously reported, many owners’ manuals were available for the Model A.  The “acceptable dates” shown on the table located below will be used for determining the correctness of the owner’s manual displayed for judging. This tech tip was provided by Walt Wawzyniak and printed in the September 2004 “A” Quail Call.

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The Correct Model A Jack

There were four suppliers for the Model A jack:  Ajax – Racine, WI; Walker – Racine, WI; Auto Specialty – St. Joseph, MI; and Noblitt-Sparks – Location unknown.  All Model A jacks were painted black enamel. The A-17080 jack was a ratchet type with folding 2” top extension, 10 ¼” total height.  It was a […]

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Proper Tools for Model A Judging

It takes quite a bit of effort in putting a correct tool kit together.  First you have to know the correct date your car was manufactured.  Then you have to find the right owner’s manual, crank, jack, air pump and hand tools for that date.  One mistake people make in collecting tools is looking for […]

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Vacuum Gauge

A vacuum gauge can be a very useful tool to check the performance or diagnose engine problems with your Model A. The condition of piston rings, timing, valves and other parts can be determined without tearing down the engine. The vacuum in a typical engine should be around 20” of mercury for a warm engine […]

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